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Big Image is launching its second, in-house-produced Infinitus machine, which is unique in the world for digital printing on soft materials. Infinitus 2 prints 600 square metres seamlessly, which corresponds to approximately 12×50 metres. Work on an additional machine began in early 2016, and the machine is now being used in actual production.

“We are extremely happy about the nice response Infinitus has been given since the launch in 2013. The goal was to solve the problem of being able to digitally print large images for stage décor seamlessly, and the need for this has been shown to be greater than we ever imagined. In addition to being in-demand for theatre and opera productions, the décors have also become in-demand for film production. Therefore, to get to develop and launch Infinitus 2 feels fantastic!” says Johanna Schäfer, owner and board member of Big Image.

Development of Infinitus 2
The drum machine is built north of Stockholm and then transported to the Big Image production facility in Berlin for the installation of technical functions. The technical functionality is developed and installed by Big Image’s own engineers. Both of Big Image’s Infinitus machines also print with in-house developed inks that are water-based.

The need for an additional Infinitus printer
The development of Infinitus was initiated to solve the challenges that existed in the cultural arts industry where there was a need to print large, seamless, digital décor images. Big Image’s own engineers, in collaboration with TU (Technical University of Berlin), developed Infinitus, which was completed in 2013. Since then, demand has increased through knowledge about the technology, and in total, Infinitus has produced approximately 240,000 square metres since its creation! In 2014, a collaboration with the film company, Rosco, was initiated, and Big Image saw the need to increase production capacity, which led to the development of Infinitus 2.

“We have always worked closely with our customers and listened to their needs, and in response to their needs we have created innovations such as Infinitus. We look forward to continuing to be challenged by our customers and to work together with them in creating future innovations,” says Charlotte Schwarzmeier, Operative Manager for Big Image Germany.

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