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Bay Area Children’s Theatre Production of “Pippi Longstocking” Scenic Design by Martin Flynn, backdrop printed by Big Image

It pulls together the overall design of your show.  It instantly evokes place and time. It adds a level of reality, (or  fantasy) to your production, helping to transport your audience to the world you work so hard to create.

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Martin Flynn Design for “Fly Guy”


For two decades, the creators of B.I.T.N. have had the honor of working with some of the most talented designers, technical directors and theatre companies  in the country to help realize their visions with the best theatrical printing technology available anywhere.  

It’s what we do. And to be honest, we want to do a lot more of it … 





That’s why B.I.T.N., in partnership with Big Image Systems is proud to introduce



Backdrops By B.I.T.N. combines our nerdy love of theatrical production with Big Image’s one of a kind printing technology to offer every theatre, every designer, the best products and services for your backdrop and scenery needs.


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B.I.T.N. was created as a place for theatre professionals to have a voice.  A place to see what your colleagues are up to and hopefully a place for nationwide theatre professionals to connect.  Backdrops By B.I.T.N. wants to be a conduit for these connections by offering a new way to get your backdrops and printed scenery.



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Our DESIGN FORUM section features the work of scenic designers, charge artists and creative directors from across the country.  We invite you to check out this growing list of talented professionals for your design needs by clicking on the link in the sidebar. 


Who knows? You may be in Ohio and need a design.  Take a look, there may be a designer in California that  fits the bill!  

Are you a designer or a theatre looking for the best place to realize your vision?  Then use the online request form in the sidebar to request samples, quotes and more information about what we do. 

The goal is simple.  We want to make it easier for theatres across the country to connect, share ideas, and create the best productions possible.




“The Little Mermaid” Paper Mill Playhouse. Printed by Big Image Systems.

B.I.T.N. was created in partnership with Big Image Systems, the worlds leading producer of digitally printed backdrops and scenic elements.  Whether you are a designer working on the next show, a technical or artistic director guiding the look of your season, you owe it to yourself to take a look of what we do and how we do it.  Backdrops By B.I.T.N. offers your production a turnkey solution for your ideas.

1. Infinitus Berlin2

The one of a kind 40 foot Infinitus Printer from Big Image Systems.

Big Image Systems literally created large format fabric printing, manufacturing our own airbrush printer for the theater market in 1981 long before the size and scale could be done by any of the emerging smaller format printer companies.

We have developed unique printing technologies that allow us to;

·   Produce backdrops that combine spectacular graphics with durability and ease of use;

·   Print seamless images up to 40’ x 160’ in size;

·   Print on a wide variety of flexible textile, materials;

·   Print on uncoated substrates – the printed drops are as soft and flexible as the original   textile and can easily be folded for transportation or storage.


aaaMaintaining quality is particularly important when dealing with large-format digital printing. That’s why all of our images go through a quality-control step before making their way to the printer.

Our graphic designers process and optimize each image for large-format use so that it will meet our high-quality standards.

We can also help you with procuring images as well as with adjusting the exposure, retouching, combining images, or otherwise altering and enhancing original art



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Infinitus Machine, Berlin

When it comes to printing your design, no one does what we do.  Seriously, nobody … That’s because no one has what we have.  Years of innovation in the field of theatrical digital printing has culminated in the creation of the INFINITUS.



4. Infinitus Berlin


The Infinitus line of proprietary printers are the only ones of their kind.  These machines are capable of printing seamless backdrops on 100% cotton theatrical materials up to 40′ x 160′.  



Big Image Systems Sweden

We use environmentally friendly water-based inks in our printing process.  The Infinitus printers can print up to 50 square feet per minute, so there’s no lag time in your production time.  All theatrical materials are certified NFPA 701.  Because we print on actual muslins and scrim, the result is a vibrant, deeply detailed hi-res image embedded into the weave of the fabric.  



paws3Our backdrops are created by theatre professionals, not just printers.  We have a professional finishing department well versed in theatrical finishing of backdrops.  Our finishing services include;

  • All standard and unique drop finishes.
  • – Computer controlled contour cutouts for portals and           scenic elements.
  • – Expert Seaming.                                                                                                                                               


Visuell Kommunikation upg. 1-2


In other words, there is nothing you can throw our way we can’t do.  This means you can use printing for backdrops, portals and flat covers, drop cloths, Scrims, Kabuki’s and more.


old opera drops

Digital reproduction of original 200 year old hand-painted Opera Scenic Drops.













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