Are you a live event producer looking for new ways to get your brand noticed?

Are you an event company seeking new solutions to transform your next space?

Are you a business searching for a tradeshow system unlike all the rest?




For years, Big Image Systems U.S. has been the leader in the use of The Kedar System.  With the largest selection of Kedar Accessories on the market, we constantly work to innovate the system, maximizing quality and cost-savings …


That’s why we’re happy to introduce the FlexiT Pipe and Base System, the only telescoping upright and base system of it’s kind, designed to work exclusively with Kedar profile and our vibrant, large format digital printing

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The FlexiT System – Transforming your live events with ease, speed and versatility.


FlexiT Pole pic


FlexiT pipe and base is a sturdy light weight fiber composite adjustable upright that can collapse to a compact 51″ and telescope to a  minimum height of 127″.   Kedar Top Clamps are permanently attached.



Image Stretcher pic

Additional height is achievable with the use of modular Pole inserts that screw in at the base with no tools required.  Kedar Bottom Clamps slide easily over the poles with finger tightening.



Flat Base Pic


The FlexiT base is a medium weight 18″ x 18″ ultra slim single piece that instantly attaches to the FlexiT pole and it’s extensions.





As the popularity of FlexiT pipe and base has grown, Big Image Systems U.S. has increased its inventory and is happy to announce that we offer FlexiT for both sale and rental.


curved FlexiT Wall_Moment

Curved Free-standing FlexiT wall for Art Exhibition.


Using FlexiT pipe and base hardware from Big Image Systems U.S. gives you MORE by giving you LESS;

  • Less Paperwork – One P.O. One Invoice.  Let Big Image Systems U.S. handle it all.
  • Less Cost – Eliminate the added costs of coordinating pipe and base rentals in each city.
  • Less Labor – Eliminate the extra steps of attaching Kedar Top/Bottom clamps to your Pipe and base.
  • Less Storage – FlexiT takes up a fraction of the space of hard walls.
  • Less Constraints – No more building your vision around cookie-cutter pop up displays, FlexiT expands to meet your vision.


The FlexiT System and Kedar from Big Image Systems U.S. is the perfect choice for –



It’s your job to raise awareness of your brand and those of your sponsors to the public.  FlexiT delivers a whole new tool to get your message out …

Loreal FlexiT 2

Live Event – Lorielle Makeup. Remote Promotional Event. Flag cloth sheer walls on FlexiT.

  • Lightweight – FlexiT is light enough to be carried into any venue by hand.
  • Portable – FlexiT is portable, making it cheaper to ship via UPS and Fed-Ex
  • Tools-Free – With the possible exception of an Allan Wrench and a ladder, FlexiT requires no tools to assemble, and Velcro finishing of prints and Kedar means hanging your prints is fast and simple.
  • Adaptable – Use FlexiT and Kedar to create tight, clean single or double sided walls at one location,  then swap that out for a graceful curved sponsor wall at the next and a red carpet step and repeat after that.

Big Image Systems U.S. reps are also a team of experienced project managers with FlexiT and the Kedar System.  We can help you to design a turnkey package that can be anything you want it to be, anywhere.


An Event Companies’ dream come true!  Let FlexiT transform difficult spaces like hotel ballrooms with ease.  FlexiT delivers on all cylinders –


  • Self-Supported – No attaching to the room?  No problem!  FlexiT is self-supporting and can configure around any structural element.
  • Replace The Weight – FlexiT and printing replace hard walls and achieve the same effect while saving tons of freight and hours of load in / load out.
  • Reduce The Labor – Immerse your guests into the world you envision.
  • Reduce the Cost – Printed walls and FlexiT take a fraction of the time to install and tear down as skinned flats.

With FlexiT you can get Custom environments for rental prices.  Contact our Reps to discuss your next corporate event, and we’ll show you how FlexiT rental packages with our large Format Digital Printing can save you time, money and hassle.



As a company that hits the Tradeshow Circuit, you know that costs can be high and that means options can be limited. Let FlexiT provide you with a new way to think about your tradeshow presence …

  • Expandable – No more having to rely on the same pop-ups.  FlexiT can grow easily to meet your needs.
  • Flat Or Curved – Use FlexiT for a solid full color back wall.  Or opt for a custom curve and add eye-catching elements.
  • Dimensional – Single sided, double sided, right angles or tight curves, use FlexiT to add three-dimensional elements to divide space and drive your visitors to what your want them to see.
  • Free-Standing – No need to worry about rigging.  FlexiT bases provide stable support for up to 15′ of pole height.

Contact your regional rep to talk amore about the FlexiT system and how we can work with you to design a system that makes it easier than ever to get noticed on the tradeshow floor.


Big Image Systems U.S. is ready to answer your questions about FlexiT Pipe and Base sales and rentals.  Click the link below and get in contact with your regional rep to start using FlexiT to get your message out.


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