Translight 3

The same Translight Backdrop lit both from the front and back, instantly changing the mood.

… Okay, First off.  Watch this, then we’ll talk after …


The jaw-dropping new printing technique available only from Big Image Systems and now offered to the theatre market exclusively by B.I.T.N.

BOOM.  We just changed the way you use backdrops forever … 

Seriously, we mean it …


translight drop 1

Translight backdrop, lit from the front.

Translight is a 21st Century spin on a classic Scenic technique.  Developed by the engineers at Big Image Systems, Translight backdrops are created by applying two, (or more) images on opposite sides of one seamless muslin backdrop.  Lit strategically, your backdrop comes to life, revealing hidden features and dimension.


translight drop 2

The Same Translight drop lit from the rear, revealing a full moon, lighted windows and streetlight.

What makes the technique impressive, besides the dramatic transformation, is that the drops are printed on 100% cotton theatrical Muslin using our Infinitus printer, the only printer in the world capable of printing seamlessly up to 40′ x 150′.





Translight 3

The same Translight Backdrop lit both from the front and back, instantly changing the mood.

This means no more Duratrans or other films to achieve transformational effects.  Translight drops fold like standard muslin backdrops, with no seams, ready to hang, light and amaze.






Translight backdrops are used two ways to add incredible effect to your productions.


Translight is used is to create the effect of your backdrop transitioning from day to night.   Our engineers print a daylight image on the face of the print and create a “negative” image for the upstage side, perfectly registering the two images to accent and highlight the desired effects.  

Lit from the front, you have one drop.  Illuminating the rear of the drop, your backdrop transforms into a living nightscape.  The effect is stunning, breathing life into our production like no other rental backdrop can offer.  City skylines, starry nights, magical forests burst to life as if by magic.


Translight Magic is just that. Magic.  Don’t believe me?  Just watch …

Incorporating hidden elements onto the upstage image, your backdrop becomes an eye-popping effect all by itself.  Just imagine the moon slowly appearing as the sun sets, or lightning streaking across an eerie sky, or a tree magically seeming to grow before your eyes … (Yeah, I’m talking to you Nutcracker …)

B.I.T.N. will be incorporating the Translight process into a rental line over the coming months.  





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