For years, Big Image Systems has offered the FlexiT System for live events, corporate meetings and trade shows.  With the COVID-19 Pandemic transforming the live events industry, and more and more companies and organizations moving into the Hybrid and virtual event realm, we thought it was time to re-introduce this remarkably versatile system for quickly creating backdrops, cycloramas and other stage elements.  

With the FlexiT System, converting any space into a dynamic studio environment has never been easier, faster or offered a wider range of configurations …


The FlexiT System from Big Image Systems is a lightweight, modular system that requires no tools to assemble.  The system is made up of just a few core components, ready to assemble right out of the case.


FlexiT Telescoping uprights are constructed of lightweight, sturdy carbon fiber.  Collapsed the FlexiT pole is 39″ high.  Fully extended the pole is 10′.  Height is adjustable using individual finger latches that lock the height into place.  The top of each pole is fixed with a double-sided clamp to hold Aluminum Kedar Rail.


Flat Bases are 18″ X 18″ and made from sturdy aluminum, with a molded center screw post to attach the upright.  Base weight is 10lbs.



Double-Sided Bottom clamps slide over bottom stretcher poles to hold Aluminum Kedar Rail to hold and stretch the bottom of your backdrop.



Stretcher poles are short aluminum pole extensions.  Poles come in two lengths, 8″ x 20″.  Stretcher poles are inserted at the bottom of the telescoping pole to provide additional height for when you need it.  Multiple stretcher poles may be installed to achieve an overall recommended height of 16′.


Kedar Aluminum rail is a lightweight medium wall Aluminum extrusion custom made for the FlexiT System.  Kedar comes with or without face Velcro, straight or curved, and cut to your specifications.  Grooves top and bottom fit securely into top and bottom clamps to hang your backdrops in minutes


RolliTis an alternative to rigid Kedar. Made from velcro encased flexible spring steel, RolliT allows you to achieve hard right angles to add depth or navigate corners or pillars.  RolliT can be rolled tightly for shipping making it a cost-effective alternative.



Rounded Endcaps affect a clean finished look to the ends of your drops. Rounded Endcaps plug directly into the ends of Kedar. 


* Rounded Endcaps are an optional component.  Big Image Systems offers alternative hardware options to achieve straight right angle returns if desired.



FlexiT By Big Image Systems is the easiest way to install everything from simple backdrops all the way to complete studio wraps. FlexiT can usually be installed by one person in no time flat, and the sturdy Kedar Rail allows installers to maintain a safe distance while setting up.



In fact, it’s so easy, here’s a boring video walking you through the basics …




Don’t be confined! Unlike Pipe and Drape, FlexiT double-sided clamps hold the support rail away from the upright. This means that you can hang seamless drops and elements without worrying about uprights getting in the way.



With FlexiT, you now have the ability to custom create any type of backdrop to get the message across. Use straight or custom-curved Kedar Aluminum rail to affect straight walls and curves. RolliT can be used for hard right angled installations.



FlexiT is made specifically to let you create dynamic single or double-sided walls without the need for heavy walls or other framing systems.  Big Image engineers can work with you to develop custom FlexiT components to achieve the exact results you and your clients need.

Don’t sweat it, FLEXIT.

Use the FlexiT System to instantly create hybrid event spaces.  Hang anything

  • Digitally printed backdrops
  • Custom Projection Screens
  • Softgoods like cycloramas and curtains
  • Chroma Key drops, (see below)

And much more …


Big Image Systems does it all!  Contact your rep by clicking the link below and tell us your ideas.  With years of experience designing with FlexiT, we can help you put together the perfect package for your needs.



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