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Eventmakers E3 – Curved Hanging Kedar with soft prints, Voile Batman Sheer Backdrop hung using Kedar and Silicone Bead finish and Kedar in pipe pocket

Big Image Systems knows Hybrid and Virtual

Events …

COVID-19 has changed the event landscape.  As more events turn towards the Hybrid and virtual format, the Kedar System from Big Image is the perfect tool to transform any venue into a dynamic, attention-grabbing studio for your next Hybrid Event.  

“This is one more tool in the tool set,” he adds. “It definitely gives us the ability to do custom, themed backgrounds very quickly. This approach works very well because it can be deployed rapidly, safely and cost-effectively.”

– Brian Ferguson – ON Services – A GES Company                                                                                                                                                           

Kedar and Clamps attach to traditional pipe and base to quickly hang

Digitally printed backdrops

– Green Screens

– Cycloramas

– Curtains



Scroll down to see how Kedar and Clamps from Big Image Systems can be used anywhere, anytime to turn your Live, Hybrid and Virtual event spaces into a dynamic showcase.

Join the growing list of event companies who have made the switch to the Kedar and Clamp System

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The Kedar System from Big Image Systems is designed to offer live event designers a whole new way to use large format digital printing to transform any space quickly, easily and less expensively.

There’s nothing else quite like it …

The Versatility of the Kedar System means you now have a tool to use large format printing on soft textiles  the same way you’d use heavy, hard walls, or out-of-the box cookie cutter displays and signage.


The system is based around our Kedar, (pronounced KEE-DAR), aluminum extrusion. The versatility of this light weight rail opens up whole new ways to use large format digital printing to transform your event.




  • No More Tie Lines or Zip Ties – Kedar comes with Hook Velcro on one side to instantly hang vibrant soft large format printing.
  • Instant Support – Kedar with no Velcro can be used along with our menu of connectors to quickly create complete frames to guarantee your finished look.
  • Bendable – Kedar can be custom curved to meet your ideas.  Imagine huge walls at your next event created with lightweight Large Format Printing, hung to look like waves.
  • Modular – Kedar can be stored and shipped in short, lightweight, slim-profile bundles.  Kedar can be inner-sleeved spliced onsite to create continuous runs as long as you need.


Big Image Systems are experts in the use of the Kedar System.  We’ve developed a host of proprietary hardware and accessories around Kedar’s unique design, giving you a nearly unlimited range of options …

Using the Kedar System is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3



Top and Bottom Clamps attach directly to traditional pipe and base hardware, replacing boring drape with vibrant straight or curved printed walls.

  • Ground Supported – No pick points? No problem! Kedar Top and Bottom Clamps make it simple to create free-standing, dynamic immersive environments, room wraps and other elements using cost-effective pipe and base.
  • Reduced Labor Costs – Its as easy as pipe and drape! Combining Kedar and hardware with pipe and base dramatically reduces labor and equipment costs.
  • Double-Sided – The design of Top and Bottom clamps lets you create double-sided walls instantly, hiding the uprights from view.
  • Compact – Replace hard flats with lightweight Kedar and Clamp Systems and save on logistics, load-in and load-out costs.
  • Tools-Free – Okay, not totally. But with a ladder, a screwdriver and a 1/2″ deep-socket wrench, you can transform any space into your vision.


With Kedar and Top and Bottom Clamps from Big Image Systems U.S. your vision is closer than ever



Truss Clamps from Big Image Systems U.S. literally raises the bar for using big bold digital printing to transform your space. Truss Clamps let you leave the ground and attach Kedar and prints to any truss or pipe structure.

  • Tools Free Installation – Truss Clamps quickly attach to truss or other pipe without tools or tying.
  • Strong And Durable – Span up to 10 feet between each clamp.
  • Any Direction – The jaws of the truss clamp can be turned 360 degrees, meaning your can install your Kedar horizontally, vertically, even on the diagonal.


Kedar Truss Clamps make it quick and easy to add large, eye-catching elements to your next event.  



Sliding Hangers from Big Image Systems U.S. revolutionize the way you decorate your next event.  These lightweight, heavy duty hangers slide securely into the groove of the Kedar and can be connected to hanging hardware.

  • Unlimited Positioning- Sliding hangers ride inside the top groove of Kedar. This means that installers can adjust position of pick points when installing, working easily around obstacles like lighting and truss connections.
  • Heavy-Duty – Sliding hangers have a weight load limit of 300lbs per piece.
  • Hardware Compatible – The opening at the top of our Sliding hangers fit hanging hardware such as shackles and carabineers, so attachment to your pick points is easy.


Sliding hangers and Kedar from Big Image Systems U.S. make big impressions on a small budget …


Big Image Systems U.S. can finish your drops to your specifications to work with The Kedar System.

Kedar Rop Bead

For Hanging Kedar rigs, we finish our drops with the ingenious Kedar Rope Bead.  Designed to slide into the bottom groove of Kedar, this rope bead system let’s you hang thousands of square feet of printing in minutes.



 To speak to an experienced project manager about using The Kedar System for your next event, click below.


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