TRANSLIGHT – Changing The Way You See Backdrops.


“A Translight Magic Drop – Cloth 201 HzN Seamless.  LEFT – Drop front lit.  RIGHT – Drop is lit from behind, revealing   elements printed on the reverse side.”



Translight, the remarkable double-sided printing process by Big Image Systems, has reinvented the way backdrops are used by the theater, event and film marketplaces. A new canvas for color and light, Translight uses Big Image’s state of the art digital printing technology on 100% cotton to produce living backdrops.

Translight double-sided drops put a 21st century spin on a classic scenic technique.



  • FASTER TURNAROUND – In many cases a Translight drop can be produced faster than a fully painted drop.  Can be scenically augmented.
  • PHOTO-REALISTIC REPRODUCTION – Because the process is digital, Translight can reproduce photographic images easily and precisely on a seamless scale not possible with other double-sided reproductions.
  • EASIER INSTALLATION – No more films or rigid plastics!
  • EASIER TO LIGHT – The matte finish of Translight makes creative lighting of your drop simpler with more natural looking results.
  • EASIER TO SHIP AND STORE – Because Translight is printed on soft material it’s easy to fold, ship and store, reducing the need for larger trucks and associated labor.


  • Maximum Seamless Dimensions – 39′ x 160′
  • Weight – 8.3 ounces per square yard
  • Printing Process – Infinitus Direct Inkjet using water-based inks
  • Meets NFPA 701 Test Method 1
  • Meets BS5867 Part 2
  • Meets DIN 4102 B1

Finishing Options

  • Webbing, grommets, tie line
  • Hidden grommets, tie lines
  • Hemmed sides
  • Pipe pocket or chain pocket with pull line
  • Velcro
  • Custom edge finishing available on request


Translight is offered in three distinct types



To offset the loss of color saturation that always happens when a drop is backlit, a Translight Fabric drop is produced by printing the identical image on both sides. The backlit colors are as vibrant as those we used to achieve when printing on RP Screen. However, since Translight Fabric drops are printed on muslin, they are far more durable and easier to work with than vinyl drops. They are wrinkle-resistant and reduce or eliminate glare.



The award-winning product that changed the film and television industries forever. Translight Day-to-Night prints a daytime image on the front and a nighttime version on the back. When front lit, the audience sees the day scene. When backlit, windows, street lights and other subtle lighting appears.



Because of Translight’s matte finish, lighting can be controlled gradually from front to back, and images will change from day to dusk and from night to dawn. Artwork for a Day/Night drop can consist of actual photos of the day and the night image or a photo of the day image with night effects created in Photoshop as a mask layer.*


*Using two photos allows for having a night image in full color (different colored windows, lamps etc) but both photos have to be taken with the camera in the exact same position 6-8 hours apart. If the night image is created in Photoshop it will simply be black and white. In this case, only day scene photo is needed, and it is possible to use stock image photos.


translgiht magic logo


Translight Magic combines the vibrant colors of Translight Fabric with the transformational effect of Translight Day/Night. Translight Magic works by printing two images front and back; the face image is the primary image you want your audience to see. On the back, you can add effects designed to be revealed only when the drop is lit from the rear.




The images can be complimentary, such as the moon and stars appearing in a night sky, or more dynamic effects, transforming structures and revealing hidden elements.




Translight Magic is perfect for theater and events, where subtle or dynamic changes can heighten the audience experience, adding punch to your product launch or jaw dropping effects to your next stage production.

For the event market, Translight Magic drops can replace more expensive, heavier LED walls. This is particularly true if the effects to be done are minimal and static–if they are not designed to move like a video but simply to appear on the drop. The cost of trucking, labor, control and content are all eliminated




Optimizing Your Translight Experience

It’s in the name …

Your Translight backdrop is created with lighting in mind. It’s important to have a basic understanding of the best way to optimize the impact of your drop with lighting. Your lighting designer will know more, but we’ve provided some tips and tricks to assist you in using Translight to its maximum effect in any venue.


All styles of Translight can be front lit normally. Because Translight has a matte finish there is no glare. Any type of fixture can be used—including traditional theatrical PARcans, Fresnels and linear ground washes.

Intelligent LED fixtures like Colorforce and VariLite can be used to highlight specific areas of your drop to achieve maximum effect. Translight works best when lighting with oblique or indirect angles, and it may be necessary to light from both the top down and bottom up depending on where your specific effects are placed on the drop.


Here are some tips for rear lighting each type of Translight backdrop.


Translight Fabric – 5 out of 5 – A Lighting Designers dream

Because the rear of the drop is identical to the front, there is no specific specialized lighting needed to maximize the saturated color. The same front lighting may be utilized behind the drop. Depending upon how you will use your drop. specific focusing of your fixtures onto the front, rear, or specific areas of your drop to achieve effects of time of day can be used–as can combinations of front and rear lighting to highlight shadows and contrast.

The same rule applies for event lighting. Typical event lighting instruments such as LED-based fixtures, including movers and intelligent linear wash lighting, can be employed to add even more color and contrast to your drop.



Translight Day/Night 4.5 out of 5 – Specific effect lighting works best

The real effect occurs when transitioning from day to night. Translight Day/Night drops are created to eliminate any concerns of light bleed through the drop. Light the rear of your drop in a similar fashion as the front to achieve a general day to night transition. You may wish to utilize fixtures with a narrower focus or barn doors to focus on specific elements of the rear of the drop to add more dynamism such as random window lights igniting, blinking neon, etc. A combination of bottom up and top down lighting works best, allowing an overall wash.

NOTE – True day/dusk/night transitions can be achieved by slowly transitioning from front to rear lighting, and using fixtures and controls that allow for control over intensity and color.



translgiht magic logo


Translight Magic 4 out of 5 – Not difficult, just some additional things to consider.

Translight Magic relies on the drop’s ability to transform, revealing unseen changes on the face of the drop when lit from behind. Some additional lighting and light control considerations are recommended when using Translight Magic.

In many cases, rear lighting of Translight Magic can be similar to that used for other Translight Products. Wide light washes on oblique angles top and bottom will be more than sufficient to create a solid wash across the entire rear surface.

LED and intelligent lighting such as Colorforce or similar linear fixtures are ideal. Fixtures of this type allow greater control of your effects, revealing elements in desired order, even creating basic “animation” like blinking signs, lighting strikes, text and logos or anything designed into your backdrop.


Ambient Lighting Conditions

When hanging a Translight Magic backdrop, it is best to ensure that ambient venue light, particularly light behind the print, be reduced or eliminated with masking. This will ensure that any rear elements to be revealed do not “ghost” through to the face of the drop before illuminating the drop from behind.

Show Lighting Conditions

Consideration should be given to the overall show lighting during the show or event. The less light used downstage or in the venue during the reveal, the better the Translight Magic drop will react. More light in the immediate downstage area of the drop can result in a muted reveal of the effects. Additional


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