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For two decades, Big Image Systems U.S. has been a force in Grand Format printing for entertainment markets including theatre, events, themed environments and much more.

If you already work with us, THANK YOU!  If you’re new to Big Image U.S., we’re happy to see you.  We’re excited to be broadening our efforts to bring our unique range of products and services to your shops and studios.  So whether you just got here or you’ve known us for years, welcome.

We’ve created this section for the production professional.  For the designers. For the fabricators, For the deciderers.  We want you to have as much knowledge as you need to succeed  at your fingertips, accessible any time …  

You already THINK big …

It’s time to GO BIG …

Big Image Systems U.S. – Your choice for large format digital printing and scenic elements …





100% Cotton Muslin Print for “The Misanthrope”


… Big Image Systems U.S. perfected the production of large seamless prints for the theatre.  It’s where we started.  We speak your language and offer Designers, Directors and Scenic Artists a new range of tools for printing for the theatre including;

  • Our INFINITUS line of printers can produce seamless backdrops and scenic elements on 100% cotton theatrical textiles like Muslin, Scrim and Filled Scrim up to 40′ x 160′.
  • Our sewing department can finish your drops to your exact theatrical specifications, including cutouts, portals and unique shapes.
  • Our cotton printing is the perfect compliment to scenic treatments, giving scenic artists creative freedom to add to and alter our printing to meet the needs of the production.
  • We use water-based environmentally friendly inks in our printing, reducing the carbon footprint and giving you peace of mind.




Samsung Galaxy Note8 Launch event.  Photo courtesy of Samsung and event producer INVNT.


… When it comes to corporate and special events, we know that time is money. Big printing and hardware from Big Image Systems U.S. offers event producers ways to bring their visions to life on time and on budget including;

  • Soft Textile Prints weigh less, pack up smaller and take up far less truck space.
  • Prints follow contours and curves easier and faster than hard elements.
  • Our portable FlexiT System and Kedar System allow unique shapes and save tons of time.
  • SEG Systems can transform your event footprint with stunning and functional elements that incorporate our printing.
  • Big Image Systems staff can manage your project from start to finish, with extensive pre-show, logistics and installation experience.  We will be there with and for you.




Break free.  The days of fitting your vision into the same tired inventory are over. When it comes to making a bold statement the combination of Big Image printing and our mounting hardware options take your ideas to the next level. Big Image U.S. Systems is your solution to realizing your grand ideas including;

  • Printing on seamless soft textiles above 16′.
  • The Tools- Free FLEXIT System to quickly and affordably erect straight and curved floor-standing structures.
  • The versatile KEDAR System and component line to add vibrant printing and signage in, around and above your show footprint.
  • Custom SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) systems to add dynamic structures, light boxes, POS elements and much more.




Themed Environment for Chanel.  Digitally printed wooden structure.  Wanna know how it was done? Contact Us!


… From museums to launch parties, galas to galleries, let Big Image Systems U.S. work with you to wrap your audience in the world you create;

  • Seamless walls and cycloramas up to 40′ x 160′.
  • A range of printed flooring including vinyl show floor, carpet and sturdy ground-cloth.
  • The remarkable free-standing FlexT system to wrap rooms with stunning graphics.
  • SEG systems to add structures, light boxes and functional elements like desks, POS displays and even entire rooms, skinned with our vibrant graphics.
  • The versatile KEDAR System to instantly create unique graphic walls, hanging signage and curving elements.



Nike Superstore Printed backwalls


… Big Image Systems is already the leading producer of graphics for H&M, the internationally known retail giant.  Our printing hangs in offices, restaurants and department stores the world over. Our dedication to quality control and environmental stewardship makes us the perfect partner for your in-store graphics and large scale architectural elements.  We offer the best range of products and services for these industries, including; 

  • Experienced file preparation to create precise corporate color replication.
  • SEG finishes and frames to offer light boxes, murals, ceiling graphics and more.
  • A range of flame tested materials to meet your codes.
  • Water-based inks on cotton and other bio-degradable materials that meet or exceed LEED requirements.
  • Installation services.




Big Image Systems is the result of decades of relentless innovation.  With Big Image Systems U.S. you get a highly experienced team of craftspeople and engineers skilled in multiple markets, all dedicated to one thing; making sure that your next project is exactly what you imagine …



Big Image Systems is the only large format printing company to offer seamless large format printing on 100% cotton textiles such as Muslin and Scrim. How? Simple, we built the machine …



Designed and built exclusively by Big Image Systems, the Infinitus line of printers allow us to produce stunning seamless images on 100% cotton textiles like Muslin, Scrim and Filled Scrim, (Leno) up to 40′ x 160′.  Infinitus uses environmentally friendly water based inks to create backdrops and other scenic elements.  

In addition to Infinitus, Big Image Systems has a printer for nearly every need including;

  • Agfa Aquajet Direct Dye Sub, 10’. 270 – 540 sq ft per hour
  • Durst Rhotex 325 Dye Sub, 10’ 1400 – 4200 sq ft per hour
  • Monti Heat Press, 10’ – 7750 sq ft per hour
  • Durst 312R UV, 10’ – 1300 – 2900 sq ft per hour
  • Durst 320HS UV, 10’ – 800 – 1830 sq ft per hour

In addition we have state of the art finishing and custom contouring equipment.


edge finishing photo


At Big Image Systems, our expert sewing department speaks fluent “Finish.”  The days of trying to explain a hidden pipe pocket are over.  We offer the full range of professional edge finishing standard at no additional cost including;



  • Webbing grommets and ties
  • Kedar cord
  • Velcro
  • Hidden WGT 
  • Sewn ties 
  • SEG


  • Standard pipe pockets
  • Hidden pipe pockets with skirts
  • Velcro
  • SEG


  • Contour and custom cutouts


aoo room flexit

HSBC Corporate Event – Beverly Hills Hilton Free-Standing FlexiT Structures.


You’ve never seen anything like Big Image’s FlexiT System.  FlexiT is the only free-standing, telescoping frame system that gives you the freedom to erect printed backdrops, walls, entire room wraps, straight or curved, in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the labor, using a fraction of the space.


Nokia Launch – NYC. Complete Room Wrap using FlexiT.

The FlexiT System is perfect for those times, (and there are many) when you need to transform a ballroom and you can’t touch anything.  Big Image installers know how to use this better than anyone.  We sell and rent it.  Learn much more by checking out the FlexiT page in the sidebar.


When you need more than what FlexiT can offer, Big Images Kedar Rail System is the answer.  Big Image is the expert in using Kedar to save time and money when installing large printing anywhere.  Our range of hardware accessories let you use Kedar in, or on, any pipe, any structure, any ceiling, any truss, anywhere.  Learn much more by clicking on the Kedar page in the sidebar.



No one knows SEG, (Silicone Edged Graphic) frames and extrusion like Big Image Systems U.S..  From simple displays, to light boxes, to complete structures and POS displays, we an work with you from napkin sketch to finished product.  Contact us to learn more.


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